Speaker insists she is not the owner of Flat 4 in London's Silk House

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Speaker insists she is not the owner of Flat 4 in London's Silk House
Anita Among says the UK is targeting her over her anti-gay stance

Speaker Anita Among says the UK government know the real owner of the said property and that it is not anywhere close to her person

NATIONAL | Speaker Anita Among has demanded the UK government prove their allegations that she owns Flat 4, Silk House, 7 Waterden Road, London, E20 3AL, United Kingdom.

Ms Among, who has previously claimed she neither owned a Twitter (X) account nor would ever respond to "rumours on Twitter", on Wednesday evening took to the same social media to plead her case.

"The alleged house plot, Flat 4, Silk House, 7 Waterden Road, London, E20 3AL, United Kingdom, which they informed the President is owned by myself, surely has an owner who is registered in their own system (the UK Government), and this owner, as per their own record, is not Anita Among," she said.

The Speaker's comments come in the wake of a May 23 letter President Museveni wrote demanding she explain the ownership of the London property became publicised.

Mr Museveni said he had received information that is "contrary to what you told me".

"Do you own that house or are you renting it?" the President asked in the brief letter in which he does not specify the source of his new information.

Speaker Among is understood to have already responded to the President, who is set to hear from the Inspectorate of Government about the entire saga tomorrow.

But as a rejoinder to her response to the President, the Speaker furnished social media with a May 28 register of title detailing ownership of the property the UK government has said has her name to it.

"Fellow Ugandans, while I had chosen not to respond to the pieces of malicious content and schemes thrown at me by various actors from within and outside our country, I wish now to comment briefly on the issue of my alleged ownership of properties in the UK, which is now a subject of diplomatic engagement between our two countries," Ms Among wrote on X.

She expressed gratitude that the President has given attention to the matter and rightfully chosen to seek the truth through formal diplomatic channels.

But invoking the principle of natural justice, she said the one who alleges must prove.

"Since the UK government claims I own property, it should be prudent of them to state which property I own as Anita Annet Among," the Speaker said.

"Forgery should be the least the world can expect from them. I am sure this is the answer my President, our government, and myself want from them. Nothing else."

When the UK government sanctioned Speaker Among and two former ministers for corruption related to benefitting directly or indirectly to relief items or proceeds thereof meant for vulnerable Karamojong, Ms Among had vehemently denied the allegations.

She said she did not even own a pussycat in the UK and insisted the sanction was a political witch-hunt for her stance against homosexuality in the country.

Ms Among reiterated her claims that the UK was targeting her because of her stance on homosexuality, citing the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Act under her watch.

She said the "attempts to forge" and claim that the owns property when their own records show the contrary tell it all.

"While this matter is exciting to some because of our own internal political contradictions and intrigue, I insist and wish to alert all, soundly, that the issue is not the alleged corruption or ownership in the UK," Ms Among said.

"The real crux of the matter is about targeting Anita Among for being vocal against homosexuality. The rest is a cover-up."

The embattled Speaker turned to the scriptures, drawing her chances of walking out of this mess with her political lapel intact on John 8:32.

"The truth will set me free," she said.

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