Uncovered Quarry Claims Lives of Two Sisters in Butula Village

Uncovered Quarry Claims Lives of Two Sisters in Butula Village
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Tragedy struck Butula village, Rakai district, when two young sisters, Nantongo Sheillah (11) and Namirembe Daphine (9), lost their lives after falling into an uncovered pond. The sisters were on a routine water-fetching errand for their household when the accident occurred.

Their grief-stricken father, Frank Kabugo, recounted the devastating phone call that shattered their world. The lack of clean water in the area forced the children to use the dangerous pond, originally a quarry left open and posing a serious threat.

This incident exposed the village's struggle with clean water access. Residents voiced their concerns about using dirty water and the risk of waterborne diseases. They pleaded with the government to provide piped clean water, a necessity for both safety and health.

Community leaders, recognizing the urgency, issued stern warnings about leaving quarries exposed. The Masaka Police Spokesperson confirmed an investigation into the accident and urged parents to prioritize their children's safety by not sending them on solitary water-fetching missions.

As Butula village mourns the loss of Nantongo and Namirembe, the authorities have handed over the bodies to the grieving family. Funeral arrangements are underway, with family and friends gathering to pay their respects.

This heartbreaking event serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and preventative measures to safeguard the most vulnerable. The hope is that the memory of these young sisters will inspire action to prevent similar tragedies and ensure access to clean water for all in the community.

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