Girl says uncle, cousins raped her for six years

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The victim was forced to have abortion twice

A girl in Moroto has come forward to share her story after she was allegedly repeatedly raped by her uncle and cousin over a period of six years.

The victim bravely shared her story in the hopes of seeking justice and protecting others from similar abuse.

Joyce (not her real name) recalled the first time she was raped by her two cousins. A few weeks after the incident she claims her uncle also began sexually abusing her.

"When my cousins raped me, I reported to my uncle. I thought he could protect me but a few weeks later he instead raped me too," she said.

The sexual assault continued, resulting in two pregnancies, both of which ended in abortion.

"I was taken to Marie Stopes, Soroti, for abortion."

The same uncle who perpetrated the abuse pays her school fees and has threatened to cut off financial support if she reveals the truth.

The silence following the threat allowed the abuse to continue, perpetuating a cycle of violence and fear.

At FIDA Uganda, an organisation that supports victims of sexual gender-based violence, over 40 cases have been recorded in Moroto since January this year alone.

Meable Buyi, a legal officer at FIDA Uganda, attributes the high incidence of violence against women in Karamoja to patriarchal dominance, which often views women as a minority and fails to protect them

"This disturbing trend highlights the urgent need for action to protect vulnerable individuals, particularly girls and women from sexual abuse," Buyi said.

Unfortunately, the perpetrator of violence against Joyce is still at large

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