Kampala residents live in fear amid rising muggings

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Kampala residents live in fear amid rising muggings
Derrick Mugisa, aka Musota, is now in custody

The law enforcement situation in Kampala remains dire as city dwellers navigate the streets with heightened caution due to rampant daylight muggings.

Despite police claims of ongoing efforts to curb crime, retired Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye has urged the force to act swiftly and reimplement strategies from years past that successfully dismantled the sixteen gangs terrorizing the city center.

Arua Park has become notorious as a hub for young pickpockets. Pedestrians clutch their belongings tightly, wary of the nimble fingers of these thieves who operate without fear of consequences.

The youth in the area, often idle and without legitimate employment, spend their days chewing khat and sniffing out their next victim.

Local leaders acknowledge the presence of thieves, citing that many come from Arua, while city dwellers accuse the police of colluding with criminals, thereby perpetuating insecurity.

The Vice Chairman of Arua Park explained, "These youths often arrive from outside areas, exacerbating our local crime issues."

City leaders in neighboring areas also decry the rampant insecurity. Kampala Central Mayor Salim Uhuru stated,

"We need the police to intensify operations to protect our city dwellers and visitors." LC 1 Chairman of William Street, Wafula Gerald, echoed these sentiments, adding, "Without strong police intervention, our streets remain unsafe."

While Arua Park and Nebbi Park are hotspots for criminal activity, other parts of the city are equally affected. Residents have been calling on the police to increase their presence and conduct thorough operations.

"The safety of our people must come first," emphasized Mayor Uhuru.

Despite police assurances of ongoing crime-fighting operations, former AIGP Asan Kasingye disagrees.

He suggests reviving past successful strategies, such as comprehensive sweeps against known gangs.

"These tactics once kept Kampala safer," Kasingye noted. "It's time to deploy them again to restore order."

With crime, especially theft, on the rise and some incidents caught on camera, Kampala residents are left questioning whether the police have abandoned them.

There is a growing concern that no effective countermeasures are being deployed to combat the city's escalating crime problem.

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